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Capacity CU Yards Model Weight with no extras Heights Overall Width Overall Length Fork Width Bottom and Side Thickness Dumping Angle
3 SD300 1055 lbs. 47-1/4 76 76 64-1/2 3/16 ga. 40 degrees

KW Materials Handling supplies self dumping hoppers that are engineered for ease of use, durability, safety and economy.  We have the toughest, most dependable hoppers on the market. Our hoppers are perfectly balanced to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and automatically return to upright, locked position ready for reloading.  Here is why you should choose KW Materials when buying a hopper.

  • 9 standard sizes on our quick ship program.  Choose from 1/4 cubic yard all the way up to our 5 cubic yard model
  • Most standard colours in the industry.  Choose from RED, BLUE, GREEN, BLACK or any custom colour.  We can even match your companies colour scheme
  • Custom sizes available. If you need it, we can make it
  • Make it mobile.  Choose between 6 different caster options
  • Locally made in Ontario

Optional Equipment

Casters: 4 per set (2 rigged,2 swivel) Phenolic Wheels

Wheel Size Overall Height Weight Capcity
3″ x 2″ Wide 4-1/4″ 2800 lbs.
4″ x 2″ Wide 5-5/8″ 3200 lbs.
5″ x 2″ Wide 6-1/12″ 4000 lbs.
6″ x 2″ Wide 7-1/2″ 4800 lbs.
8″ x 2″ Wide 9-1/2″ 5000 lbs.
10″ x 2″ Wide 11-1/2″ 5200 lbs.