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Tilt Trucks & Box Trucks

Poly Tilt Trucks

We have the lowest pricing and fastest deliveries on all or our tilt trucks.  Poly tilt trucks are used to transport and dump waste, scrap and other bulky materials.  Polyethylene body is mounted on an all-welded steel chassis.  Easy to push and maneuver with premium swivel casters on the front and large fixed wheels at the rear.  We have tilt trucks that are approved for use in Canadian food processing facilities.  Smooth surfaces ensure easy wash down applications.  We can also supply steel tilt trucks for extra heavy-duty applications.  Please inquire


Rubbermaid Structural Foam Tilt Trucks 

Poly Box Trucks & Starcarts

Poly box trucks are constructed with a seamless, watertight polyethylene shell that is mounted on either a treated plywood undercarriage( lighter duty ) or an all-welded steel chasis with a durable enamel finish.  Our box trucks are easy to clean and are ideal for food grade or wash down applications for both commercial or industrial applications such as…

  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Restaurants or cafeterias
  • Institutions and hospitals
  • Distribution centers and warehouses
  • Job sites and construction sites
  • Schools, collages or university campuses
  • Logistics and trucking industry